Vaccinal recommendations


Nasopharyngitis of the child


Acute laryngitis of the child


The Bronchiolitis


The vomitings of the child


Acute average otitis of the child


The fertilization


Pregnancy and followed by the pregnancy


Guide of the feeding




Baby's sleep


Reaction comment vaccinal :

After every vaccine it is possible to observe a small push of T ° which will be handled in the request by a dose Kg of paracetamol.

In a rarer way he can exist in the point of injection a redness(red patch), an inflation and a pain which we can handle by the cold, the application of a frost(gel) inflammatory anti 2 - 3 times a day associated with a grip of ibuprofen 1 measures Kg 3 time a day during 2 in 3 days


Temperature of the child

Management of the Temperature at the child

Diarrhea at the child

Care of the diarrhea at the child

Cough of the child

Advice in case of cough at the child

Cough of the adult

Advice in case of cough at the adult

Intestinal invagination